Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Around the Intarwebz

Two Malamutes savagely attack a 12-yr-old boy walking to bus stop. The dogs were in a fenced yard when they escaped and began circling the child. Their owners tried to call them back but to no avail.

A boy in Australia suffered 30 stitches to close a wound inflicted by a police dog during a search of the home. The boy didn't know what was going on and ran into the house looking for his mother. The dog latched onto his leg and wouldn't let go.

An Akita inflicted 100 stitches worth of damage to a girl's face as she played in her friend's yard. Pit Bulls are banned in England.

A large mixed breed dog bit a woman on the face, requiring a flight to the hospital. The woman lived in the same house as the dog.

In the UK, a Border Collie being pet by a child was bitten in the face by the dog, causing 25 stitches worth of damage to her face. (Why do people keep assuming only Pit Bulls bite the face/neck area?)

Two dogs originally identified as Pit Bulls, but were actually a Boxer and American Bulldog, attacked a man. The man suffered lacerations and no significant injuries.

A Labrador Retriever attacked two Beagles, going for their throats. The dog knocked over the Beagles' owner, causing head wounds.

A small brown dog in the UK bit a child on the legs, causing enough injuries for a trip to the hospital.

A mixed breed dog dug under a fence and attacked a young girl, leaving her with several bite wounds. She was able to run to a neighbor's for help.

A man was fined in Australia for a savage dog attack that occurred last year in which his Greyhound mix escaped the yard and mauled a woman, leaving her hospitalized for several days.

Two New Zealand boys were attacked by French Mastiffs after one of the boys slipped on mud and fell into the dogs' backyard. He suffered severe wounds during the attack.

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