Saturday, March 26, 2011

Mina is a Genius

No duh, right? 
Mina goes to work with me, and several times a week I get coffee before driving to the sanctuary. On one occasion, Mina - who usually sits in the back - poked her head up front while I was paying for coffee, and discovered my breakfast bagel in my purse. She ate it, of course. I came back out and she was sitting in the driver's seat looking concerned. I thought she had hurt herself or missed me or had gotten annoyed with a dog she saw, so I fussed over her. Then I saw the wrapper and the crumbs and a piece of bagel stuck to Mina's chin.

You ate my bagel.
Don't be so stupid to leave it where I could get it.
But that was my breakfast!
Well now it's mine.

Clearly she was concerned about something other than breakfast thievery.

Since that one incident, she has made it her mission in life to find anything edible in the front seat, but only when I'm not in the car. Our routine now is that I lock my food in the glove compartment, and Mina tears a tissue or paper up in frustration. Probably to piss me off (truth). She is smug about it too.

But I did not think she would want anything to do with an entire container of Tofutti's vegan cream cheese. So I stuffed it in my purse and didn't think twice. Stupid, I know.

I come back out to her IN THE ACT, and she's like What? 

Mina, though, is a polite, neat thief. She had gently removed the top of the cream cheese and was licking it out. When I came upon the scene, she even went so far as to nose the top BACK onto the cream cheese. Like I wouldn't notice what with the cream cheese on her nose and her peanut-butter-style licking. 

I guess it's not so much that Mina is a genius (Celeste doesn't do it, because she is not evil) and more that I'm an idiot when it comes to food. This is a new thing too. For the past nine years, I could have left anything in the front seat and Mina wouldn't have touched it. But now that Mina is entering her thirteenth year, she says screw it! and is going to do whatever the hell she wants.

Maybe I just need to get a lock-box. I will call authorities if she picks it.

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