Thursday, March 24, 2011


I grow more and more attached to Chloe each day. She is so much softer than Sherman. Her teeth and claws aren't, of course, but her personality is a vegan buttercream frosting.

Sherman was an adorbs puppy with a big, doofy personality. But for whatever reason, I did not bond with him like I have with Chloe. And I wanted him out, out, out so much more than I do with Chloe. We have our routine, us four ladies, and it works for everyone - even Celeste.

Starting next week, when there aren't fat snowflakes ruining my life outside, I'm going to take Celeste and Chloe to the sanctuary and let them run free. Maybe they'll even bond. Probably not, but at the very least Celeste will associate Chloe with a fun event, off leash time.

Chloe when it is not snowing
Chloe goes well with grass


Chloe is available for adoption through A New Hope Animal Foundation

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