Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Breaking News: Chloe is Awesome

Celeste lovers, cover your eyes...but if Celeste wasn't in my household, I would keep Chloe in a millisecond. But for Celeste's sanity, I will not. Like it or not, I love Celeste and have committed to her awesome well-being for the next 10-15 years. If tomorrow, Celeste decides to love Chloe, I'm keeping her.

But that won't happen.

Chloe is sensitive. She is bright and alert and smart. While she is a bit more velcro than I prefer, she lights up when I enter a room, and she only goes potty if I am standing next to her. This should be annoying, but I find it endearing as sin. She is insanely intelligent. Scary, really. She learned sit in a minute, "watch me" in two, and "touch" (nose to hand) in five. She learned her name within 10-15 minutes. It hurts my heart to think her previous caretakers did everything they could - through ignorance or will - to kill this little dog's spirit.

What I love most about Chloe, though, is her energy. It is gentle and sweet; comfortable and comforting. There is something incredibly calming about her. Sometimes, when I'm working in the kitchen and I let her in the backyard (I can see her at all times), she will just sit - this small boned puppy - and stare off, ears up, a pose of contemplation.

I loved Sherman for all of his doofy puppy quirks. But I Love Chloe. Putting that into words is hard and probably just makes giving her up even harder. I shouldn't do that to myself. Or her. So we will enjoy immensely our time together, exploring the world and seeing everything through a kind, little puppy's eyes.

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