Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Window to Someone Inside

To a dog, the soul is found through the nose. I am positive of this. A human sees things differently. Literally. Our world is rich in color, tones and hues. It is visual, the soul is in the eyes. Dogs see colors, of course, but their visual world is much shorter, more narrow than our own.

When I look into Mina's eyes, I know a person in there. Those bright amber eyes. A living being who has thoughts and feelings. When I watch her nose twitch, parsing through every individual scent making up the whole, I know she is not just processing but also feeling and comprehending, thinking.

Mina is a concerned soul. That is what I have learned after ten years of living with her. She is also joyous and proud and prone to petty, jealous acts. She loves warmth and the touch of another alive creature, but she especially loves wedging herself behind her beloved humans...on anything, sofas, chairs, wherever she can squeeze her petite body.

I may not always understand the why of Mina, the times she acts like a petulant juvenile, but I know, in a deep, profound way that Mina has a great big mansion of a soul. You can just see it.

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