Monday, January 16, 2012

Mina Loves "Grandpa" and Football

Just kidding about football, Mina could care less. But her caregiver (me) and minion (me) was happy to see the Giants win so that the 49ers could beat them next week in SF. Truth.

It is very true that Mina loves my dad.

True story: When I first adopted Mina, my dad was scared of her. She liked licking him, especially around the face and throat (she still does) and he thought this disconcerting. This was 10 years ago. She was this adult Pit Bull from a shelter with an unknown history and he thought she might turn on me, like those Pit Bulls in the news. As a joke, I told him "no problem!" and shared with him my secret knowledge of Pit Bull "pre-mauling" behavior.

Like when a Pit Bull gets on their belly and crawls across the floor. Or when a Pit Bull spins in a circle, does the frog maneuver or taste-tests your throat. All pre-mauling behavior.

There was a moment when my dad honestly believed me. He glared at me for awhile after I confirmed it was a lie. But it's a running joke, even today.

It did not take long for Mina to worm her way into my dad's heart, and now he is an avid defender of Pit Bulls or at least of Mina.  :) As you can see, my dad will even interrupt watching football to give Mina some affection and attention.

I love them both.

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