Saturday, January 28, 2012

Putz Didn't Sit on Command, Obviously Needed to be Killed

Last year, a woman was spit on and her dog kicked by her ex-husband. When the ex-husband went to punch the woman, the dog grabbed the man's wrist. He did not puncture the skin. He grabbed, nipped, and let go of the man's wrist.

The dog, Putz, was taken by Minneapolis Animal Care and Control, and was evaluated after three months of confinement. He was neutered, at the expense of his guardian. She paid for his kenneling costs as well.

And then they went and killed him.

"Minneapolis Animal Care and Control provided the following observations as justification for PUtz's euthanization:
•    That Putz was territorial and guarded his cage.
•    That he didn’t sit on command.
•    That he didn't respond to the vet’s touch. Ignored her patting."

I was unaware that being untrained constituted a reason to kill a dog. Or being a territorial, social animal. Or not responding to a strange person's touch in a strange environment. Who knew? I mean, shit, Mina doesn't always sit on command, I should probably just kill her. And Celeste? Like when she needs to poop, she has zero recall skills - BLUE JUICE FOR YOU!

""large, has great strength and no particular interest in pleasing people, it is my opinion he is not an acceptable pet.""

That's a veterinarian. For one, a veterinarian is not a behaviorist. She is not an experienced dog trainer. For two, like has she even had dogs? What would you expect of a dog confined for three months in a shelter with no appropriate social interaction and no outlet for his frustration or pent up energy? The size of a dog is moot. The strength of a dog is moot, considering this dog exhibited extremely good bite inhibition when he didn't just eat the guy's arm. Pleasing people is not a trait that is necessary in order for a dog to a) enjoy a home w/ people; b) be good around people or c) be adopted. Dumb reasoning to take the life of a dog.

The woman wanted him back. She could not have him back in the state of Minnesota, because as a person with a felony on her record, she can only own dogs under 20 lbs. According to the animal protection group advocating for Putz, a sanctuary was willing to take the dog and not adopt him out. A judge denied that option.

So instead the dog who showed incredible bite inhibition during an act of protecting a member of his pack is dead.

This woman was not only a victim of domestic violence and abuse, she was a victim of a system that provided more protection to her abuser than to the beloved companion dog who saved her from a sucker punch to the face, possibly worse.

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