Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sociabulls featured in Chicago Tribune

Our friends over at Two Pitties in the City started a dog walking "club" back in August. About 20 dogs go on a designated walk each week. Dogs don't generally interact with each other, so it is a great venue for improving reactivity on leash. Dogs pick up on the energy of other canines, so a properly run dog walking club is a great way to teach calmness while having a lot of fun exploring. I love the idea immensely.

The group, SociaBulls, was recently featured in the Chicago Tribune. Congratulations for a positive news article.

What I love about this concept is that it shows dogs being dogs, regardless of their breed. When you see a person working with their dog or 20 dogs being walked in a responsible manner, you cannot help but associate positive things with the people and their dogs. Sure, there will be people who are blinded by their fear, but mostly, I think people who see well-managed dog walking clubs are impressed.

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