Thursday, January 5, 2012

If This is Your Best, Your Best Sucks

Meanwhile, the city is issuing requests for proposals from private organizations to run the shelter, an idea which Councilman Joe Brown said he opposed.
"We have a better staff of employees at the shelter than any other shelter in the region," said Brown. 'There's no reason for outsourcing."

I point you over to Yesbiscuit, because Shirley has a boatload of stories and images depicting the best the Memphis region has to offer.

This is a shelter that
* hires felons who steal dogs for breeding purposes,
* hires staff that allow puppies to sit in their own filth,
* employs people who lie about the feral state of a dog, then refuse to help rescuers get the dog to a sanctuary
* permits their staff to handle two unknown, powerful dogs at the same time (on their way to the death room) and trains them the best way to break up a dog fight is to beat the dogs or just stand there and smile.
* most heinous of all, allows their staff to kill healthy, adoptable pets.

If this really is your best, you have one of two problems.

Problem A: You are lying.

Problem B: Your best sucks.

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