Thursday, January 12, 2012

Celeste Scares Children with her Eyes

In my effort to spend more quality time with Celeste, I've been taking her on every other day walks around the neighborhood. Ideally, we will do these every day, but I don't want to overwhelm myself.

Celeste is my prim and proper lady on leash. She walks with a loose lead, is responsive to my voice and body language, and she just has a good time. Mina can barely handle a mile walk these days, and the ones I take Celeste on are 2-3 miles at minimum.

Yesterday, Celeste and I were walking. I did not notice a child sitting behind a chain link fence close to the sidewalk. Celeste did, though, and as we walked by, she had to sniff him through the fence to scope him out. She was hoping for butt skritches.

The child bolts up, screams "HER EYES!!" and runs off. Crying. I have never seen a child cry so quickly. Celeste and I were both perplexed.

Most people find Celeste's eyes beautiful. When she's being bad, I tell her that had her eyes been brown, I would have sent her back to Mexico by now. She wags her tail, because apparently she thinks life as a street dog is actually pretty neat.

But every so often, Celeste's big blue eyes cause children to cry.

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