Sunday, December 11, 2011

Reaching a Milestone - Anyone Can Do It!

Pictures of some of the rescued animals!
I am pleased as some lemonade punch with this number. 3,000. Three thousand!

This is about how many chickens, turkeys, pigs, sheep and goats a small team of dedicated animal lovers (myself included, yo) have, in 14 months, assisted in rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming into permanent homes through an amazing program called Rescue Ranch.

The number is more amazing when you consider the fact the animals rescued are not traditional companion animals. They are chickens, turkeys, sheep, goats, and pigs. 

Obviously not everyone can manage an actual program of this size and scope.

But anyone can emulate the basic ideas.

You can reach a milestone for the animals.

You could decide that in 2012, you will foster 3 dogs or a litter of kittens. If you have a little bit of land and it's legal, you could decide to adopt a small flock of companion hens from your local shelter. You could decide to do a bake sale for your local rescue agency or needy shelter.

Or a drive to gather blankets, beds, toys. You could ask your local shelter to start  a weekend foster program. Maybe you could speak up for the animals at your city council meetings. Or you can commit to writing a monthly letter to the editor with ways people can help all animals.

You can do something fun like knit sweaters for rescued chickens (seriously, we have ten sweaters on the way to the sanctuary for the less hardy hens rescued from battery cage egg farms).

I would be remiss in a suggestion that will easily save more lives than any of the above-mentioned ideas - you could adopt or transition to a vegan diet and save nearly 100 animals a year (or at least reduce the need to kill that many animals). Just throwing it out there, folks - think about it!

Doing something amazing for another living being is within your reach.

What are YOUR milestones for the animals?

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