Thursday, December 29, 2011

Auburn, KY Modifying Their BSL

Mina and Celeste Being Pointy
Double dangerous!
Well, sort of.

Back in 2008, Auburn, Kentucky decided to target "vicious" dog breeds and require guardians of said breeds to register their pets. Which is kind of funny, because I cannot fathom how registration reduces the likelihood of dog attacks by any dog. The breeds targeted were Pit Bull type dogs, Rottweiler type dogs, Doberman Pinscher type dogs and Chow type dogs.

Guardians had to pay $20 to register their pets and also provide proof of insurance.

Well, flash forward to 2011 and now Auburn is planning on changing the insurance requirements. Originally, guardians of targeted (non-biting) family pets had to provide proof of $300,000 liability insurance. Problem was, no local insurance companies offered that. So now they need to change the law.

Alternatively, they could eliminate the law entirely and proactively address dog bites. I doubt there is an actual dog bite issue in Auburn, Kentucky, though. Most dogs are not parading around eating people. Most dogs of any breed are not eating people. This is impressive, because dogs are predators and have the behavior and physiology to go around eating people, if they felt like it. But I guess it's something that Auburn is considering altering their insurance requirement (the law itself is totally ineffective if the goal is to eliminate certain breeds one deems dangerous, though).

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