Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Longmeadow, Mass Police Start Animal Fund

The Longmeadow Police Department has created a veterinary assistance fund for needy rescued dogs and cats.

Longmeadow employs one part-time civilian animal control officer. She spends 20 hours a week helping local animals and their guardians. Oftentimes, she has to pay for the animals' care out of pocket.

I find this ridiculous. The median household income is nearly $80,000. Less than 2% of the region's 15,000 citizens is living below or at poverty level. I am baffled there is not a full-time animal control officer and appropriate funds to pay her and maintain whatever sized shelter is needed for this particular area.

It is great the police department is seeking donations. If half of the 5,200 households donated $50, they'd certainly raise enough money for 1-2 years of operation! Because it's offensive (and borderline illegal) that a part-time civilian staff person has to pay for the care of animals out of pocket. It is both the responsibility of the community at large and the government to provide shelter and medical care to their city's needy animals.

Good luck, Longmeadow police department. Sounds like you might need it.

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