Friday, November 4, 2011

Police Sgt. Saves the Lives of Two Pit Bull Mixes

Mason and Kenzi are alive because one person advocated for them. One person. 

In Old Town, Maine, the "Animal Orphanage" took in two Pit Bull crosses who appeared to be brother and sister. The small shelter does their best to refrain from killing adoptable animals. However, they were ill-equipped to deal with the resource guarding male and the withdrawn female.

Enter Police Sgt Mike Hashey. 

He saw two dogs who needed a spokesperson. When he learned the two dogs were slated for death, he found that unacceptable. Hashey enlisted the help of friends, including fellow police officers, to work with the frightened, stressed out dogs. Instead of seeing "unadoptable", he saw two scared dogs who needed some help.

And get this, Hashey brought his own dogs - two Labrador Retrievers - and guess what? No one was eaten. Mason and Kenzi learned how to interact with both people and dogs in positive manners.

The hard work paid off. The dogs are going to their new home because one person cared.

And if you have any doubt on the power of one person inspiring multiple people to goodness, check out the story of Mari(o) over at Yesbiscuit who somehow manages to thank everyone else but herself! But Mari(o) would not be alive had it not been for Shirley. One person.

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