Monday, October 31, 2011

Live Blogging Halloween

Cool Witch is Cool
Let's get it on this Halloween. I've got the Mina-meister geared up in her witchy-baby costume. Celeste is in the back room snoring so she doesn't have to be annoyed by little children.

And I've got candy! LOTS OF CANDY.

Also, a pumpkin. With a silhouette of a cat that I carved myself.

I'm coming to you LIVE from Grass Valley in a neighborhood full of munchkins.

5:30 pm - Still light out but we got our first four trick-or-treaters. Near panic attack when the neighbor's Lab tried to bite them. All I could hear were kids screaming and a woman yelling and crazy Lab dog trying to go nutso on the kids. All is well, though, and Mina is told she is pretty. She wags her butt.

6:00 pm - Second trick-or-treater is a ghost being driven around the hood.

6:10 pm - 3-yr-old devil child asks if Mina is a cat. No, I say. She is a dog. Are you sure? He asks, in earnest. Yes. Very sure.

6:15 pm - 9-yr-old, upon noticing I was watching Monday Night Football asked if I was a Kansas City Chiefs fan. No, 49ers. Oh. He was so downcast I almost wanted to tell him I love Kansas City. But I don't.

6:20 pm - Grabby kid rejected my Skittles and demanded a Scooby-Doo lollipop. Wow.

So far, favorite costumes goes to 2-yr-old bumblebee for cuteness factor and 5-yr-old banana for the vegan factor.

6:30 pm - three tween? girls, one dressed in a tutu and multicolored leotard. What are you dressed up as? Anything *I* want. I mean, anything YOU want. I mean, whatever, sleep tight. Seriously, she said that - sleep tight.

6:32 pm - little conductor man was intimidated by Mina, even though mom kept encouraging him to be brave. I put Mina in a sit and a stay and he was duly impressed. As he walks away, he asks if he got any candy. Yes, she put candy in there. :)

6:59 pm - Mina is mauled by six kids who are excited to see a dog in a costume.

6:59:30 pm - Oh jeez, not ANOTHER dog costume! NO CANDY FOR YOU KID. Just kidding. I tell him I was not dressing up so one of us has to. He totes understands.

7:05 pm - Best costume of the evening so far goes to "personal trainer" who looks more like sumo wrestler!

7:12 pm - Older brother gets candy for little brother. Little brother wishes me a Happy Halloween a grand total of five times. He wins the happy halloween award.

7:26 pm - I think Halloween is a time in which parents choose to teach their kids all about please and thank you. Some kids get it more so than others.

7:49 pm - Buzz Lightyear face planted and was trying to decide whether to cry or not.

7:55 pm - Only 8 pieces of vegan candy left. Will they revolt?

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