Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Leave Dogs Off The Construction Site

Yesterday, I took Mina to the veterinarian because I thought she had cancer. She doesn't. I see one weird mark on her and jump to the conclusion she is dying from some rare sarcoma.

While there, an emergency arrived. A man carried in a young 4-mos-old Pointer puppy who had been attacked by two dogs.

The man was working at a client's house and brought his brand-new puppy with him. Seriously. He brought a recently purchased dog wearing no collar to this client's home and let him run loose. Guess what? This curious puppy ran over to the neighbor's house, under the fence, and was promptly attacked by the neighbor's dogs.

Lucky to be alive, I had the misfortune of seeing his leg bones sticking out of his leg. He suffered two severe breaks but will recover.

I have never understood why private contractors feel it necessary to bring their dog with them and allow them out of the vehicle. It's stupid, reckless and irresponsible. This guy is lucky his dog survived and he still had the audacity to blame the neighbor for, oh I don't know, properly confining his dogs in his own backyard! Only person to blame is holding a broken puppy, standing in the lobby of an emergency vet clinic.

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