Friday, November 11, 2011

Detroit Animal Control Riding the Shame Boat of Fail

Yet another Pit Bull has been killed by Detroit Animal Control.

Detroit Animal Control claims they did not receive a Wayne County Judge's injunction to not kill the dog. The millisecond the dog's 4-day hold ended, they injected this dog with euthanasia solution. They took his life, not because he ate people or was medically hopeless, but because he looks like a Pit Bull.

Detroit officials don't really like being in the spotlight - just check out the statement they made.

Let me translate.

However, if we grant this one exception, we are simply not set up for what will undoubtedly lead to overwhelming appeals in similar cases.

Translation: The slippery slope of NOT killing dogs is just unfathomable. It may lead to dogs getting adopted. Rescues may flood the shelters with requests to save lives. Adopters may enter the shelter and exit with an actual, breathing canine. This will put an undue burden on our staff who will have to stop killing dogs and start getting money for adopting them out. Chaos will undoubtedly follow.

Urgent calls for help from elderly citizens, school principals, postal supervisors and the police are going unanswered because our Detroit Animal Control dispatch line is overwhelmed with calls from outside of the city, state and even the country.

Translation: Every time you care about a dog at Detroit Animal Control, a grandma is killed by rampaging packs of rabid canines. Stop caring about dogs, think of the grandmas. We have no actual evidence of this occurring, but the public is still at fault.

There are several communities in Southeastern Michigan who not only refuse to return pit bull dogs to owners but go beyond that and ban ownership of these dogs entirely.

Translation: See? Killing nearly all of the dogs entering our shelter isn't really that bad, our city could refuse to return Pit Bulls to their guardians or just ban dogs who look a certain way entirely. Be happy with what you got, thankless public.
Further, DAC does not adopt out or release pit bulls or pit bull mixes and will not release any dog (regardless of breed) unless proof of ownership can be established through a dog license or supporting documentation such as prior veterinary records.

Translation: We are equal opportunity killers.

We are proud of the dedication of Detroit Animal Control Manager, Harry Ward and his officers for risking their lives every day protecting residents of this city. Attacking their character and integrity is disingenuous, disconcerting and disappointing. We receive calls every year from hundreds of citizens who are appreciative for the work they do.
Translation: Stop it, meanies.
Goodness forbid you tie up the phone lines of Detroit Animal Control. But if you live in Detroit, please speak to their "bosses" and contact the city council asking that they overturn the policy that permits the senseless killing of adoptable, healthy animals. Hug a grandma before you do it, though, just in case.

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