Monday, October 31, 2011

Back From the Grave - Parrot The Dog

Checking my blog hits is not something I do very religiously. So when I checked it this morning, I was surprised to see that in the past 48 hours, one of my entries received over a thousand hits.

It was Parrot, The Dog - A Picture Says It All.

I am still not sure why the story of Parrot is news again. I've even seen it reported as if it happened a couple months ago, instead of over a year ago. Any insight?

Regardless, I noticed some people were curious about what happened with the investigation of the officer responsible for throwing Parrot down a stairwell and shooting him multiple times. Nothing. Just like what generally happens to most police officers who shoot dogs, regardless of circumstances.

According to Lucky Dog Animal Rescue (who is also baffled by the recent upsurge in interest about Parrot)
"We were wondering the same thing. Nothing new happened. The police dismissed our complaint and the US attorney's office declined to prosecute."

There you have it. 

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