Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Want a Dog Like Mina?

Of course you do!

In honor of Mina's big 13th, which is happening in November, but we can celebrate starting now and ending never, I am profiling some dogs who look like Mina. These dogs are probably going to be Pit Bulls because Mina is one, but they don't necessarily have to follow her color pattern...I'm more interested in the Mina look, the woeful glance, baleful stare, the tragic visage capable of sending ships into battle.

Why he is like Mina? TEAR STAIN and effeminate paw lifting, also very tiny
Hah, you will laugh when you read his description. They are calling him a Pit Bull/ Labrador Retriever cross who may also be part Great Dane because - funny part - you can see it in his walk! Dudes and dudettes, this dog weighs 45 lbs - he's just part Pit Bull.

He is like Mina because of his tear stain issue (hello, apple cider vinegar) and his girly-girl paw lifting which Mina says is actually a gender-neutral behavior and she also called me an idiot for saying otherwise. I do not believe Astro will ever call you an idiot. Astro is in the Nevada County region of California and is practically Mina's neighbor. Mina is hoping someone in New York will adopt him, because she says this region is only big enough for one Mina lookalike and that's her. To adopt Astro, fill out a form here. He likes peanut butter and cookies.

Why is she like Mina? Patchy-eyed, superb starer-off-in-the-distance-look-er. Evidence.
Beauty does not have perfect Mina ears, but perfect Mina ears are really hard to come by.

What she does have are velvet soft floopy ears and a very mush-worthy forehead.

Beauty has met one cat who scared her, which is JUST LIKE Mina's first experience with a cat. However, Mina got over that and now thinks cats might be edible. Beauty likes dogs. Mina likes dogs. Beauty has a pink nose. Mina has a pink nose. Mina came into the shelter after having whelped puppies. So did Beauty. THE SIMILARITIES ARE ENDLESS!
Beauty is also available in Nevada County and the same rules apply as above with Astro - one Mina per county is enough, says Mina. Apply to adopt Beauty here.

And for today, I am saving the best for last!
Why is he like Mina? Senior citizen, SQUEAKY FOOTBALL RULEZ, Excellent baleful glare while holding squeaky football. EVIDENCE 

How awesome is Samson? Pretty awesome! Like Mina, he was abandoned to the streets, although Mina was at least abandoned at the young age of 3 instead of 10-12. People are so rude.

Samson wants to enjoy his remaining years with you. Trust me, he does. He has perfect ears, like Mina, so that is a definite bonus as perfect ears are not just handed out like those Jesus Loves Me pamphlets! He likes squeaky footballs which are, according to Mina, the only toy a girl needs to keep her happy. Boys too, turns out.

Samson is in Lancaster, CA which is a skeery place for Pit Bulls because their mayor is super freaky and hates Pit Bull and Rottweiler testicles and wants to pipe in calming music as he believes this will stop gang related violence.  Adopt him now before the mayor gets him!

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