Thursday, July 21, 2011

Drunk Driving David Martoska of CCF (HumaneWatch) fame Out, Creepier Dude In!


David Martoska of the Center for Consumer Freedom (HumaneWatch) has quit to join a conservative Republican daily show or something or other. Martoska gets drunk and disorderly at church/school events which is probably why he hates MADD so much, yo!

He has been replaced by someone who blames rape victims and publicizes their names and who is also apparently a racist (oh, I'm sorry, he was just protesting "affirmative" action by running a bake sale that charged 0.50 for persons of color, 0.75 for whites or $1.00 for "human"...ha, so not clever).

Digging Through the Dirt has the scoop.

Why is anyone still listening to HumaneWatch and CCF again?

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