Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Hey Biznatches, The Irresponsible Public Strikes Again

That's right! When Metro Animal Services in Louisville, KY discovered that two, possibly three, of their rescued canines had distemper - well, you know what they didn't do? Shockingly enough, they didn't kill everyone else. WHOA.

Contrast this with previous cases of distemper outbreaks: Caldwell kills 26 dogs, Memphis Animal Services kills 25 dogs, Southern Pines in Mississippi kills 100.

Instead, Metro Animal Services announced a reduced adoption fee (which was announced prior to the outbreak but didn't hurt during) - $9.00 and even opened up one of their facilities that is usually closed to the public and does not do adoptions. People from the public and rescue agencies flocked to the shelter and 75 animals of 160 were adopted or pulled. This meant the shelter didn't have to kill any of the remaining animals and could properly disinfect everything.

The Mayor even THANKED - THANKED I SAID - the public for helping!

But of course no good deed goes unpunished, amirite? Oddly enough it's No Kill Louisville criticizing the move. Maybe her quote was taken out of context, but one would think that an organization against unnecessary animal killings would be in support of a move to do just that. Oh well, at least 75 dogs are onto new homes and I wish them the best.

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