Saturday, July 30, 2011

Go Ask Alice

Meet Alice. I apologize, this photo cuts off the most important part of her body - her fantabulous ears!


The shelter claimed she was a Pit Bull, but I find that dubious. She has a long nose, small head, longer hair than any Pit Bull I've met. She is totes adorbs. She was found as a stray at age 3 months, that is so depressing. And get this? She hasn't been adopted in a month. What the freaks, people?

I am told she is a butthead with other dogs. She has not made a peep at my dogs, despite grouchy mcgee Celeste growling at her from like fifteen feet away. they've sniffed politely through the baby gate. Apparently Alice gets a little rough at play. I'm hoping to get her enrolled in some basic manners classes which I hope will help her with socialization.

Or I'll just throw her at Wendal, so she can experience how the big dogs play! For some reason, Wendal has played super rough with the past two foster puppies, although he NEVER plays that way with Mina or other smaller dogs he knows.

More updates and pictures coming soon. She is gorgeous awesome in black and white.

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