Saturday, July 2, 2011

Betsy Ross Made a Five Pointed Star

Baby Chicken is Awesome

Oh geez, how cute is this chick-let? She was totally into gnawing on my fingers and snapping at shiny objects. And get this -someone tried to give her to the Sacramento Zoo, and when they told them they don't take chickens, they just dumped the little chick-let at the park across the street.

What the freak is wrong with people? This baby bird is so friendly. She was so friendly, she kept walking up to people looking for a familiar face. Her rescuer, the mother of a zoo employee, was able to just pick the little one up.

This bird would not have survived the night. Period.

I'm in love with her (or him, but we're hoping for her).

She's named after Betsy Ross, which is you know, kinda patriotic. Ross made the very important decision to go with a five-pointed star instead of a six-pointed one. Which is pure genius, because have you ever tried to draw a six-pointed star? It's COMPLICATED. Betsy Ross the chicken is equally amazing and would love to eat a six pointed star so that it only has five points. That's how Betsy Ross bird rolls.

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