Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sheep and Goat Hill

The sheep and goats at the sanctuary mostly ignore each other, except when a sheep and goat decide to play together.

Sometimes, though, they just like to lounge on a grassy hill together. Sunning weather brings that out in them.

If you care to know, the sheep is Lenny. The goat on the left is Annie (they're the two in the goat/sheep play-fight video above). Sweet Pea is the orange'sh goat and Laura is obscured by his big fat head, but she's the white and brown Boer goat. There's also a pygmy goat, Charlene, behind Lenny. She's got attitude.

Virginia and goats on hill


Retrieverman said...

Pygmy goats are my favorites.

A bottle-fed pygmy goat is one of the nicest little pets you can be around.

When I was a little boy, one of my favorite animals was a bottle-fed Nubian named Hank. He was exactly like a dog. And because he was a Nubian, people thought he was dog until they got a good look at him!

PoochesForPeace said...