Monday, March 8, 2010

$2,500 for Plucked Eagle Tail Feathers

I am not sure I believe this story, unless the eagle was completely unconscious. Even then, I am not sure I believe someone would just "pluck out" some of the tail feathers and just leave the rest, but I am certain stranger things have happened. But look - talons!

An award is being offered after a Golden Eagle was struck by a car and her/his tail feathers "plucked out".

What do you think?


pibble said...

I don't know what to believe anymore. It seems terrible to find a bird in distress, pluck out its feathers, and leave, but we know how terrific people can be. Unless, as you said, the bird was unconscious and they thought it was dead. Even so.

admin said...

I could see this going either way. Could be an act of cruelty or an innocent but clueless person scavenging from what they think is roadkill.

The article makes it sound like the eagle had relatively minor injuries, however, which would make it more likely that it was awake (perhaps in shock) at the time.