Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Family Unsure What Triggered Attack by Dog

"Ibarra said the dog was a high-dollar male that belonged to his friend, which he was keeping in his yard to breed to his female."
High dollar male? You can see the dog's picture here.

For one, that isn't an American Pit Bull Terrier. His ancestors may have been, but he is not. He is a mixed breed dog who looks a lot like an American Bulldog mix. I have nothing against dogs who look like this dog, but very few actually qualify as American Pit Bull Terriers.

For two, I think the quote answers the question.

Allowing your children to play around an unknown dog is not smart. The dogs were kept outdoors, mostly. Add to the fact the dog may have been more hyped because of an in-estrus female around, and you have a recipe for disaster.

These are exactly the type of people who should not be breeding dogs.


Maureen said...

Maybe I am being generous in my thinking but this guy says the dog was there to breed with his female. So one has to assume the female was in heat, right?

Hmmmm, why would any dog get aggressive around a female in heat. Gee, i dunno. DUH!!!

But of course, let's blame the dog's breed on the problem.

PBOforlife said...

What has happened to common sense? When I was growing up (I'm 45) my parents TAUGHT me that you never went near a dog that was eating or sleeping in its bed. We were told to always ask a pets owner before going up to it. We taught our son the same thing.

It's amazing to me that every time something happens regarding a dog, it's the dogs fault. Dogs will always act like....DOGS. It's time for humans to use their brains.