Friday, March 19, 2010

A Negative Pit Bull Article in Which the Commenters Don't Go Crazy

Don't get me wrong, I don't think this person should be breeding dogs or anything. But hey, check it.

Mobile police shot a dog three times, killing her. The officer was attempting to shove open a door, even though the 17-yr-old kid who shut the door was a) getting an older sibling and b) trying to lock up the dogs. I question why the officer kept harassing the teenager, but hey, maybe there is more to the story.

Now, the officer was not seriously hurt. I am not sure why he shot the dog two more times.

Also, this is the second dog to be shot at this address. The dude needs to stop breeding Pit Bulls, stat. I mean, he sells puppies at flea markets so he's not some upstanding, respectable breeder or anything.

The comments, though, are interesting. Normally, 99% would be all "PIT BULLS ARE TEH DEBIL" or "PIT BULLS ARE TEH BEST" and instead they're more like "Why did the officer shove open the door?" and "Why did a minor nip result in three shots fired in a home?"

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