Monday, August 12, 2013

Potato & Chickpea Tacos

I'm really excited to be a part of Plant Based on a Budget's team of recipe makers! It's a great resource for affordable, delicious, and compassionate vegan recipes. 

I've never paid much attention to my food bills. Not because I'm independently wealthy (not on a non-profit income) but mostly because I grew up as an entitled white kid who never had to worry about food. It was always there, and when I wanted more, I just had to ask and bam! more would appear.

Recently I've really had to look at where I spend my money. Well, it's more like recently I've forced myself to be better at spending my hard-earned income. I spend too much on food. I won't even write how much I spend, because it's embarrassing and borderline offensive.

Right now I'm only blogging every other week for Plant Based on a Budget (PBB) but I hope to increase that to once a week. I've been inspired to be more frugal and, more importantly, simply cognizant of how I spend my money.

My Potato & Chickpea recipe, for example, only cost me $1.92 for two tacos. And, the recipe I made lasted me 1.5 days (two lunches, one dinner).

I believe what we choose to eat is the most self-empowering act we can take. It's one of the few things in life we have utter control over, and what we choose to eat impacts others - nonhumans, humans, our health, and the planet's health.

When you make different food choices (for example, I'm vegan), you become a role model for that dietary or lifestyle choice. You have the opportunity to inspire other people to try different things (like, go vegan!) and learn to make different (and hopefully better) food choices.

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