Sunday, July 28, 2013

This Person Thinks I Should Die!

A real comment! Geez, why?

This person is a dumb-dumb head. That seems like a healthy, rational response to someone who wants me dead. Do people even think when they write tripe like this? Do they lack the empathy gene? The spelling gene?

Dear Defender of the Children,

Please do not have children to defend. Or, if you do, please try not to teach them it's okay to wish death on someone for having a 15-yr-old dog with barely any teeth.


Any breed of dog, or any other pet designed to kill, responsible for the deaths and maulings of as many children as the pit bull should be exterminated permanently. Furthermore, any person harboring such an animal should be tryed as an accompless to the crime his dog commits and both be put to sleep.
Defender of the children

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