Thursday, August 19, 2010

Media and Onlookers Confused About Breed...Again

A chained dog in Cincinnati breaks free and ends up nipping several children.

I find this story very interesting, because it conveys a lot more fear than is necessary. I'm not saying there should have been NO fear - the dog posed a danger because he was willing to put teeth on skin. However, if you look at the bite wounds, they are very minor. In fact, most don't break the skin. This dog, who has probably lived his whole life on a chain, showed incredible restraint when he encountered these children.

These are the reports:
"The dog is a pitbull and remains on the loose, according to police." News

"Investigators said the dog -- a chow mix -- bit several children" News

The SPCA is wisely not bothering with a breed.

Here's the dog:

The dog does not physically resemble a Pit Bull or a Chow Chow.

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