Thursday, August 12, 2010

Around the Intarwebz

When a Husky began attacking a Shetland pony at a horse sanctuary, two goats took action and charged the dog. The dog took off...the goats saved the horse's life.

An elderly woman was severely mauled by a police dog in South Africa. It took two minutes to get the German Shepherd off the woman, because the dog refused to listen to commands. The woman was then asked not to sit on the seats of the police car because of the blood. Classy.

Cows attack a woman in the UK.

Two Akitas attack a Border Collie, nearly killing the dog (who may still not survive). The owner of the BC was also bitten trying to protect her dog.

A park ranger shot at several dogs who were barking at him. The owners of the dogs were nearby. He shot one dog in the head. The dog, a mixed breed, survived but may have permanent vision problems.

This article is marketed as a Dogue do Bordeaux and Rottweiler attack. In reality, the Rottweiler did not bite the other dog, only the french mastiff did. The attacked dog survived.

A German Shepherd ran from his owner and attempted to bite a 3-mos-old child being held by her grandmother. The dog aimed for the child's throat on multiple occasions, leaving the infant with several bite wounds. The grandmother was able to protect the child enough. The breed of dog isn't mentioned in the title and isn't first mentioned until the 9/10th line.

Dog bites are down 40% in Minneapolis, but some folks are still calling for a ban on Pit Bulls.

A German Shepherd Mix has been killed after biting off a man's nose. This is the second bite from this dog in 8 weeks.

A rescued Great Dane bit a child in the face at an adoption event.

A dog I can only assume is not a Pit Bull (b/c hey we're not talking a "fighting dog" scenario, right?) bit a child in the face after a group of kids tried to throw a fishing net over the tied up dog.

In the UK, where Pit Bulls are banned, a man became enraged when his girlfriend told him to quiet down during a party. He got so mad that he encouraged his dogs to attack her...after he beat the crap out of her and ripped out the landline so she couldn't call police. The dog bit the woman and, in response, the man flung the dog against a wall. The dog was a Jack Russell Terrier. The guy is getting a measly 7-months in prison.

A taser was used to stop a Dogue de Bordeaux mastiff from mauling his owner. The dog was later killed.

A meter reader trying to install a smart meter was bitten on his gloved hand by a Vizsla. In response, the man sprayed the dog with mace. The man had not notified the owners of the property of his presence and, as a result, the utility company paid for the veterinary bills.

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