Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Celeste Will Be Seeing a Professional

That sums it up.

Next Tuesday, a dog trainer will be coming out to assess Celeste and me. Celeste for her inability to like other dogs and me for my inability to make her.

I am really hoping Celeste can overcome her fear. She is not egregiously aggressive, but in canine-speak, she's incredibly rude and hostile. I'm used to Mina's intense greeting, which involves lots of posturing and butt-sniffing and finally friendship. She can't be in playgroups because more than one dog (excepting calm situations with multiple small dogs) gets her overwhelmed.

Celeste, on the other hand, greets every dog with a growl. She hates butt sniffs from other dogs but demands them herself. Everything is tense and not fun.

So that is that. Celeste will get her own personal dog trainer for however long I can afford her. And hopefully I'll get some neat techniques to make Celeste more comfortable and more likely to play with other dogs.

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