Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Jim Crosby, Bay County Shelter, Oh How You've Failed!

I've written about Jim Crosby, former director of the Bay County Animal Shelter, before and generally with a positive attitude. When he took over in February of 2008, he reduced the kill rate significantly and in two years, he tripled the adoption rate. Pit Bulls fared much better under his control.

But then something happened. Well, a whole lot of things probably happened. But I'm going to go to imaginary land and share a story about what happened.

John Q. Public dropped off a well-muscled dog, let's say a Labrador Retriever, at the Bay County Shelter. This dog had behavioral problems. Although two people wanted to adopt Friendly, the Lab, an employee at the shelter decided to bring the dog home, slit his throat, and BBQ him. I mean, he WAS well-muscled. The director of the shelter resigned. The former owners of the dog didn't get why anyone would be fired - I mean, according to them it was a stupid dog.

Now, if this were true, I imagine there would be a lot more furor and outrage. And jail time.

Instead, the animal in question was a pig. This was a pig who had "behavioral issues" probably brought on by inept owners (anyone who calls pigs "stupid" and who has met pigs is rather intellectually challenged themselves). Pigs are smarter than dogs, for crying out loud! They're more sensitive too. Anyways, two people were interested in ADOPTING the pig. You know, providing a permanent home in which she could live out her life. This is the opportunity extended to dogs and cats who enter Bay County's animal shelter, why wouldn't it be extended to any animal who walks or hops across its threshold? There is no rational reason why there should be schizophrenic inconsistencies.

Jim Crosby resigned - this was "the straw that broke the camel's back", a rather inappropriate cliche for this animal lover, heh. The employee was not reprimanded or fired, even though his actions were ethically unsound and cruel. You would not let an animal shelter employee take your dog in, offer to give him a good home, then eat him. If you would not permit that to happen to your dog or cat, then you should apply the same basic, logical standards to any abandoned animal at the shelter. If not, then you are morally inconsistent (nevermind the the inconsistencies we exhibit when it comes to pigs who aren't entering the animal shelter system).

Animal shelters SHOULD be held to a higher standard. They are SUPPOSED to be role models and authority figures. They should never be cutting throats of those they are supposed to protect. They should never be eating the animals they are supposed to place into permanent homes.

Friendly wasn't just some "stupid pig". First off, she was a she, not an it. A chair is an it. A car is an it. A thinking, sentient, feeling being is a she or a he. Second off, Friendly deserved the same opportunities as any dog, cat or rabbit (who are also eaten, used for fur and vivisection in this country, more inconsistencies) who enters the shelter. Finally, Friendly had placement. This is no different than killing and rendering or sending to the landfill a dog who has a rescue or individual willing to adopt them. It's just more creepy b/c someone ate her (if you replace "dog" with "pig", most of you would find it more creepy than the landfill).

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