Monday, August 9, 2010

Around the Intarwebz

A Labrador/German Shepherd mixed breed dog entered a dollar store and began attacking people. The dog was attacking so fiercely that it took officers seven shots to kill the dog.

Two dogs got into a fight at a dog park. The owner of one of the dogs decided to bust out his gun and shoot the other owner's dog to death. The other dog had no bite wounds or injuries. The man, an off-duty police officer, has essentially been exonerated.

A German Shepherd who killed a small dog and bit the owner during the attack was "let loose" by her owner to fend for herself.

A man is facing penalties after his dog attacked two people. The dog, a German Shepherd, first bit a police officer during a burglary call. Months later, he went onto to savagely maul a man, causing severe wounds. The UK banned Pit Bulls in 1991 in an attempt to reduce severe attacks.

Officials are on the look out for a Husky or spitz-type dog who has killed four sheep, several birds and injured several others on three separate occasions.

A chow mix bit the hand of a man who entered the dog's property in a threatening manner.

An officer shot and killed a Great Dane who had escaped from his owner's car and attacked the officer. This occurred after the girlfriend of the man pulled over became irate and began attacking the officer.

A six-year-old boy was bitten in the leg by a small terrier mix running loose. The owners of the dogs did not try to help the bitten child or family; instead, they shrugged their shoulders, loaded up their dog and left.

A German Shepherd bit a police officer in the UK during a drug bust.

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