Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Around the Intarwebz

Loud people kill fish.

Pit Bulls in Hillsborough, Florida get second chance.

Only six or seven locations in the canine genome explain 80% of the difference in dog breed height and weight.

Family of a child savagely mauled by a retired police dog going blind say the dog probably confused the toddler with a toy.

A police service dog in Canada was playing in the water when he decided to attack a woman. She was bitten once and the dog quickly responded to release commands.

The Changing Narrative (KC Dog Blog) discusses the way national media outlets have changed in regards to their portrayal of Pit Bulls.

An Akita allowed to be off leash in a playground attacked a smaller dog who was on lead. The smaller dog is fine.

A Mastiff-mix attacked a woman who was trying to find the owners of a stray dog.

Rabid vampire bats attack more than 500 people in Peru. Four children have died from rabies.

A police K-9 mistook a police trooper for a suspect and attacked him, causing a severe bite wound to the leg.

Point Pleasant, WV turns down a Pit Bull ban.

Fear-mongering aplenty in this article about a "dog attack"...in which no dog or person was attacked.

A loose Chow mix bit several children.

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