Monday, August 2, 2010

Around the Intarwebz

An illegal Pit Bull and Rottweiler breed ban was recently repealed in Rockville Center, NY. New York prohibits the banning of dogs based on breed.

Several dogs who attacked a suicide bomber at an army base in Afghanistan are being rescued and placed in United States' homes. Three dogs alerted soldiers to the bomber and then attacked the man, who set the bomb off prematurely, killing one of the dogs and injuring several soldiers. No other dogs or humans were killed.

A Cane Corso mauled his owner's friend while the owner prepared food for the dog. The dog bit the woman multiple times and was eventually shot by police when he charged at them.

The Peninsula Humane Society is working with a local jail to help dogs find new homes after they receive some training and socialization with approved inmates.

A woman volunteering for a Habitat for Humanity project had the misfortune of sleeping in the basement of the project when police unleashed a K-9 unit in search of a burglary suspect. Instead, the dog bit the woman several times.

UK story on the plight of the Staffordshire Bull Terrier and the fact that the Battersea animal shelter is still killing a 1/3 of incoming dogs, including perfectly healthy, non-human aggressive dogs.

A neighbor's Pit Bulls saved a Chihuahua from being killed by a coyote. The wild canine had grabbed the little dog when the neighbor's Pit Bulls chased after the coyote, causing him/her to drop the dog. 

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