Friday, August 20, 2010

Around the Intarwebz

A Rottweiler in the UK is being honored with an award after he stopped a sexual attack on a stranger. The dog chased the rapist off and stayed by the victim's side while his owner called police.

Barstow, CA considering a mandatory spay-neuter law that may apply to only Pit Bulls or all dogs.

A woman taking a walk was attacked by a small unknown mixed breed and a large German Shepherd mix. One dog bit her on the breast, while the other attacked her back and leg. She was saved by neighbors who heard her cries for help.

Dog bite insurance claims up 6%.

A parent instigated a "poor supervision" policy when they took their 4-yr-old child over to a neighbor's house to look at a car for sale. While the child was told not to go in the house, the parent didn't bother to hold on to the child to prevent that. The toddler wandered into the home and was bitten once on the face by a Bullmastiff. The child will be fine and no charges have been filed.

A crazy woman got upset when her son was "bitten" by a neighbor's dog. The bite did not break the skin, so it wasn't much of a bite. She grabbed a knife and attempted to attack the dog's owner. She is now in jail. Super awesome role model.

No decision has been made regarding the fate of a St. Bernard who attacked a boy. Not once is the breed mentioned.

A German Shepherd attacked and killed a much smaller dog at an off-leash hiking area (not a dog park). The dog was out of sight of her owners when the attack happened. The dog disemboweled the small dog.

THe owner of a German Shepherd who attacked a postman in the UK has been ordered six months community service. The dog caused severe injuries to the postal worker, including bites down to the bone.

97 Crazy Miniature Pinschers (don't worry, that's their true name, not an insult) need homes in Broward County, Florida.

Story about two men who are fighting over the rights to own a dog. The dog, a Basset Hound, had escaped her home when she was found by someone else. The second person decided to keep the dog (which in California is illegal if you don't do your due diligent to find the owner). When he took the dog to get microchipped ( responsible), the vet found a microchip (from the also responsible first owner). The first owner arrived at the vet when the second person ran out with the dog...much craziness ensues.

A kangaroo mauls a woman. 

Pit bull tries defending his owner's body from rescuers. Dog is shot with a stun gun and runs home. His owner dies.

A loose Boxer kills a miniature Schnauzer.

A Labrador Retriever (or German Shepherd) mix kills a smaller dog at an off-leash dog park. Article makes a point to mention a loose Pit Bull that doesn't kill another dog.

A "large whippet" (which I can only assume is a lurcher or Greyhound) attacks a boy in the UK.

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