Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dear 100 Prospective Adopters, I've Found Dogs For You!

Nothing gets the phone ringing with cries of "I'll take him!" like a cruelty case. Apparently saving a life isn't appealing enough to people, they need to save a cruelly treated life!

Take Mason, a 12-week-old Pit Bull in Saugatuck, Michigan. He's got a line of 100 people interested in adopting him. This is amazing, folks. Getting a Pit Bull adopted is hard, but this little man has dozens of folks to choose. All it took was some idiot cutting off his ears with scissors! If that got Pit Bulls homes, well gee, let's anesthetize them all and snip off some ears...we'll market them as survivors of cruel treatment! No worries, I'm far from serious.

In case any of those Mason-lovers are googling away for Mason-talk, and they magically come across my blog, well, have I got a solution for you!

Out of the goodness of my heart, I have gone to the trouble of finding 99 Pit Bulls who are as adorable and in need of a home as Mason! You see, there's this nifty pet-finding device. It's really amazing. It finds pets for you! This pet-finding website will bring you into the 20th century, and then someday you might enter the 21st. Anyway, it's called Petfinder, and I have found you some Pit Bull pets.

There's Jake - he was rescued from a shady part of town. His original owners were happy to release the little dude - it meant they didn't have to kick his head in! He had The Mange and so looks appropriately sad and pathetic, a neglect/cruelty case for you!

Kingston is a 6-8 week old PUPPEH OF CUTE. I'm sure his father said mean things to him and his mother didn't love him, else why would he be abandulated at a shelter?

Hawkeye has an awesome name and an unknown history. I mean, he was tossed to the curb, left to fend for himself, kicked at by evil teenage boys, and some old lady with shopping bags told him to go die! Adopt him now!

Isabelle is super adorable and white with patchy-eyed goodness...she is IN A SEA OF PIT BULLS, SAVE HER NOW!

In fact, there are 15 PAGES of Pit Bulls within 100 miles. I did the maths - 375 Pit Bulls! Make the world a better place, go out and adopt one of the awesome-like-Mason Pit Bulls near you!

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