Saturday, August 14, 2010

Dr. Laura, Reverse Racism for the Fail

Dr. Laura. I never listen to her. I found out one good reason today.

A woman called her concerned about some comments made by her husband's friends. She is black and her husband is white. Her husband's friends stereotype black people and have made flippant or intentionally racist comments in front of her.

We'll ignore that she called Dr. Laura and focus on Dr. Laura herself.

First, Dr. Laura explains that stereotyping black people isn't racist. The caller should just get over herself. Also, she should realize that black people DO strange's a black thing, she says. For example, Dr. Laura tells us why black people voted for Obama - it's because he was half-black. All us white folk were apparently voting for his white half.

Next, Dr. Laura shows us that she's in the in crowd. She has a black bodyguard! And when Dr. Laura busts out the b-ball, she wants the black person on her team. Everyone knows black people can jump real high and white people cannot. Black people are athletes and, if you are white - like Dr. Laura - you should always pick black people because your lame-ass, un-athletic white-self won't be able to compete. This too is not racist, according to Dr. Laura, it's just smart team building.

Then the coup de grĂ¢ce -black people say n***** all the time. They say it on HBO, even. Caller, your husband's friends are actually cool. Black people on HBO say a racial slur and therefore the white people who invented that racial slur to oppress and subjugate and humiliate should be able to use it too! And Dr. Laura does, quite profusely.

But my favorite line is this:

We have a black man as President, and we have more complaining about racism than ever

In other words, black people, just get over yourselves. You got a half-black President, doesn't that just make up for everything? Can't you people just be HAPPY now with your basketballs and black comedians who can say the n-word? Why must you keep bringing up race issues that don't exist - we're a happy, go-lucky, equal opportunity, totally great nation!

Oh wait, there's also this line:

If you're that hypersensitive about color and don't have a sense of humor, don't marry outside of your race.

Yeah, keep the bloodlines pure. We don't want to be "mixing the races". I mean, Dr. Laura's not racist for saying such a nasty, racist statement. She's just trying to help the caller be less sensitive, because all this racism, well, it's really being "bred by black activists".

Nothing like a bit of reverse racism to spice up the conversation.

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