Saturday, August 7, 2010

A Day of Strange

My parents live in a nice neighborhood. It's the kind of neighborhood where you can leave your doors unlocked. Or so I thought. I don't normally leave my SUV locked when I visit my parents. This is because I'm naive and expect too much of people.

Someone decided to investigate my unlocked vehicle. They emptied the console and opened the glove compartment.

And they stole one cd.

Seriously, that is all that was stolen. It was surreal and oddly more irksome and threatening than someone who steals a cd player or something. Who does that? Who semi-ransacks a car and then decides to take one freaking shiny-music-playing cd? I think it was the Weepies or Death Cab.

I'm just glad I didn't leave my iPod or cameras. Well, judging by their behavior, they probably would have left those too.

My mom and I went to a used book sale benefiting cats. I bought books.

Suffering from hunger pains brought on by books, we had lunch at Sugar Plum Vegan. Everyone who visits Sacramento should do this, because Sugar Plum Vegan is awesome.

On our way home, two more strange things were witnessed, both encompassing the stupidity of people.

One involved two motorcycles driving the wrong way on the highway. They were heading back to the scene where they lost a bag. This bag must have contained the key to heaven or at least a million bucks, because the guy decides to get off his bike and retrieve the bag. The bag located in the middle of the highway where people drive 70+ mph.

Public service announcement, it's free: Nothing in your bag is worth walking across a speeding highway. Nothing. The guy made it back, but only because people were nice enough not to just plow through him.

Further up the highway stood a man next to his damaged vehicle. He seemed puzzled and ready to call authorities on one of those public call phones strategically placed alongside our state's highways. But alas, he noticed that he had in fact hit the public call phone and knocked it over. I figure if you hit a large metal pole located 40'off the side of the highway, then you should not be driving anyways.

I spent $10 on 8 books. I win at life.

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