Thursday, August 26, 2010

Around the Intarwebz

An 11-yr-old was mauled by a small brown dog in the UK, causing wounds significant enough for her to be sent to the hospital. It took two people to get the dog off the child. It is unclear why the men are described as a "white man" and a "black man" or why a picture of a large, German Shepherd is used.

Alligators are invading our cities. In Brockton, MA, a firefighter discovered a strolling alligator with, of all things, a collar. In New York City, an an 18-inch alligator was discovered hiding underneath a car and apparently "delighting onlookers". All the cops busted out their iphones and took pictures of the taped up baby gator. Cuz, why not? Another wayward gator was captured in the Chicago River.

SeaWorld slapped with $70,000 fine, calls everyone a liar, including a former trainer and OSHA. Listen to the 911 calls in which the woman calling explicitly says a trainer is in the pool with the one whale no one is supposed to be in the pool with. I'm sure SeaWorld considers her a liar too.

An English Bulldog let loose out of his car attacks a Bouvier being walked on a leash.

A mixed breed Pit Bull was stabbed multiple times when she went to defend her owner from an abusive boyfriend. She barked and nipped at the man who then reacted by stabbing her multiple times...she didn't defend herself. His attorney is arguing that it is only reasonable a person react to a barking dog who nips you when you argue/shove/abuse your girlfriend by stabbing the dog, especially if she's a Pit Bull, multiple times with a 12" knife. For reals.

Another Pit Bull prevented a woman from being raped.

A child savagely mauled by a nearly blind Belgian Malinois is still recovering. The attack was so severe that the child may never see again - he had to have his eyes sewn shut. The attack happened in June when the parents left their child alone with a dog they had only for 3-weeks. I'm not buying the claim the dog thought the child was a toy. The dog has since been killed.

"Two Pit Bulls Attacks Tuesday" in which one day of the week regrets every happening! I'm not going to link to it, but the title alone is worth including.

A Great Dane adopted the day before nipped a 2-yr-old in the face. The "wound" needed one stitch.

A Husky in Sioux City, Iowa (where Pit Bulls are banned) inflicted multiple bite wounds on a 19-mos-old child who had wandered away from home and up to the chained dog.

Mobile police are now admitting the dogs who attacked and killed two miniature ponies were not actually Pit Bulls after the veterinarian who euthanized the dogs stated they were a bunch of aggro mutts.

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