Thursday, June 3, 2010

Wildflowers at the Sanctuary

There are more than a dozen varieties of wildflowers at the sanctuary. It has been a lot of fun trying to figure each species out. There are also a lot of different grasses, many of them with dangerous foxtail heads. Yuck.

Back to the flowers. Here are a few from Celeste's hike.

Here are some wild lupines of the legume clan.
California wild blue lupines

A Mariposa Lily with a fan of foxtail grass in the background:
California wild mariposa lily

I'm not sure what this is - monkey flower? Any thoughts. It's very small, btw.
Yellow flowers

Some blue dicks flowers with some grass/foxtail:
California wildflowers and grasses

Not sure about these, any guesses. There's some dandelions or another daisy type flower. Not sure what the white flowers (both species) are.
California wildflowers

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Lauren said...

Awesome pictures! So beautiful.