Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Around the Intarwebz

An infant is dead after being mauled to death by at least one Husky while the infant's owner sat outside on a balcony to smoke. The child was left unattended in a portable car seat. The mother is being charged with manslaughter.

The Nebraska Humane Society is "investigating" an incident in which a call about a hot dog in a hot car took six hours to respond.

The owner of a Labrador Retriever and a Mixed Breed dog is being sued by a farmer who lost four alpacas to the dogs' attack.

A Pit Bull who killed a neighbor's loose dog while tethered is being spared death himself. It is unclear where the attack occurred. The Pit Bull had a tether long enough to access the adjacent yard. The other dog was allowed to run loose on his property.

If we feel trapping cats with a steel-jaw leg trap is inhumane, don't use it on any other animal, kay? The cat had his leg amputated and is available for adoption in Indianapolis.

A man is arrested after he threatened a woman with a rock. The woman had been walking her two leashed dogs when a Labrador Retriever being walked without a leash attacked one. The woman kicked the dog to stop the attack. That is when the other dog's owner told her daughter to get her father. He came back and threatened the woman with a rock. He was then arrested.

A neighbor's Akita dug under a rickety fence and mauled to death a Pug puppy. There are five dogs living in one backyard and they are constantly kept outside unattended.

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Lauren said...

The first posting about the 3 week old baby was particularly heart breaking because it was SO PREVENTABLE. 17 yr old mom and grandmother go to chit chat and smoke, probably forgot they even had a baby in the house. So tragic. I'm glad the mother was charged; I mean it is asinine that there were basically 2 mothers in that house and neither of them remembered there was a dog or a baby? Pure ignorance should be a felony in this case. As the mother of a 2yr old boy I just don't understand such carelessness or lack of care period.