Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Around the Intarwebz

Sweet story of two Pit Bulls in West Palm Beach- the female stayed with her male buddy, even though he could barely keep up with the 20 lb chain dragging after his 30 lb-self. Animal control named them Brains and Brawn. You may guess who is who. You can see them here. Please note, they did not eat the two men who stopped to help them. Magical Pit Bulls, I guess.

Tide may be turning for Denver's Pit Bull ban (sorta).

This dog looks like a Lab Mix being labeled as a Pit Bull Mix. Thoughts?

Faith is needed to end spill. Hey, I may be agnostic, but if it won't hurt, I say go for it.

When I was a kid and idle, I made up imaginary friends or took a bike ride - I didn't beat puppies to death. I think beating puppies to death is an indicator of something more serious than simple boredom.

Monsanto is now allowed to plant pesticide-resistant genetically modified alfalfa seeds, per the Supreme Court. Thanks, justices.

Wild sharks testing positive for antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Good job, people, spreading the antibiotic-resistant love.

A woman who sued her parents after their dog bit her in the face has lost the $100,000 insurance claim. Geez, thanks kid! Pit bulls never sue you!

A loose German Shepherd with a history of aggression against other dogs attacks and nearly kills a Saluki mix.


Anonymous said...

Um, yeah, definitely looks more like a Lab mix than a pit mix to me...and it's really not even close.

Lauren said...

Definitely a lab mix!! I don't see pit anywhere

Mary said...

At first I just saw kitten, but after a couple seconds the picture of the Lab appeared. That dog is so lab-like, I would probably believe it if someone told me it was purebred.

Also, regarding Brains and Brawny, I can't believe the shelter folks passed up the opportunity to name them Big Dan and Little Anne, after the brains and braun from Where the Red Fern Grows.

Betty said...

will you follow and share my blog? i am a female pit bull looking for my furever home! :)

Jennie Bailey said...

Definitely a lab. But I didn't see any pit in "Brains" either. That confused me as well.

As for those sick kids - I really shouldn't feel this way, but at some point we need to start thinning the herd. If you are doing this to an 8 week old puppy at 10 years of age, what are you going to be doing to a human being by the time you are 20? Seriously.

I did think it was interesting that someone pointed out this happened in Baltimore - home of the Ed Block Foundation. Remember them? Helping children who are victims of abuse so that they break the cycle? They gave Vick their courage award this year. Well, you made a known animal abuser the face of your organization. The kids were simply following his lead.

Retrieverman said...

Here's the deal with antibiotics.

Factory farms.

To have factory farmed animals, you have to load them up with antibiotics.

Their waste winds up in the rivers.

And that winds up in the ocean.