Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Around the Intarwebz

A paralyzed Pit Bull named Red is looking for a home. Someone adopt him already!

The owners of two German Shepherds who mauled a miniature bull to death rejected a plea deal in their case.

Two Labrador Retrievers and one Chow Chow have been killed after they attacked an older gentleman in a parking garage. The owners have not been charged with any crime, as of yet.

A German Shepherd Mix being walked off leash attacked a smaller dog and the dog's owner, leaving both with puncture wounds. The owner of the German Shepherd, in an amazing display of callousness, left both the bleeding woman and dog on the trail.

A Husky sits on death row waiting for her execution date. She killed a toy poodle and bit two other dogs. Her owners are trying to fight the one-strike death sentence.

After being bitten by a German Shepherd mix, an officer draws his weapon and shoots the dog dead.


Two Pitties in the City said...

I didn't know the paralyzed pitbull was from Chicago. He does look like a great dog, and I hope he does find a home soon.

Jennie said...

Can someone mail him to me? I have a thing for dogs in those wheelie-carts... I'm surprised they still have him, I've always had this (unsupported) idea that animals who are injured and receive a lot of press go like hotcakes.

elegy said...

The thought of a one-strike-you're-dead law gives me the willies. Especially given the number of loose dogs in my neighborhood.