Friday, June 4, 2010

Mina and Her Wonky Stomach

Some dogs drill a hole in your heart and, when you least expect it, wiggle that drill around. Just to hurt you, I think. Mina does this. She is my little heart dog, my spitfire, friend, source of endless amusement and frustration.

She is not the ideal dog - dog selective, stubborn, intense, a little confusing, a Pit Bull in a world that doesn't love them so much.

She is the ideal dog - people focused, devoted, an avid snuggler and kisser, adorably adorable, a Pit Bull who is surprisingly well-loved by almost all who meet her.

I love her dearly. Perhaps too much, some might say. Pish-posh I say to them. My heart is capable of expanding, even painfully so, for those I love too much.

For a few days, Mina has had bad diarrhea and an upset tummy. Then she started vomiting and acting lethargic. I started to panic, thinking obstruction or pancreatitis or the big C. That is how I roll when it comes to Mina, and it is most unhelpful.

I haven't had time to find a local vet who does not freak out when I say "she's on a home-made diet". So I drove the hour and a half to the vet who has seen her for the past four years. She gets to the vet and is perky, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.


As the vet leaves the room to get me a price quote, she turns back and notes, "I see her tail is quite happy and healthy." Mina wags her tail harder hoping, oh hoping, that she might come back and massage her back some more. Or treats, she could give her treats. When the vet leaves, Mina stills, her tail droops a bit, and she looks up at me in confusion - no massage? no cookies? Refund, please!

I decided against radiographs and bloodwork because, well I'll be honest, an $80 bill is a lot more appealing than a $400.

Instead, Mina got an anti-nausea injection and some metra-something-or-other for her rear end.

She's feeling a lot better. She is holding her food down. No poop yet, but there is hope.

Mina has me wrapped around her little white-socked paws. I do not begrudge her this. She lets me dress her up in clothes and jingly objects. 'Nuff said, really.


Anonymous said...

sigh... going through, doing that with my 13 year princess

here's hoping for the best for Ms Mina

Mary said...

I recently did the exact same thing for my 6 month old border collie. Vet's diagnosis? "Garbage gut."

Jennie said...

Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever find a dog as much as you love Mina. Mostly I think that space is occupied by the old man horse, but I'm holding out hope for a heart dog too. With an old dog, every little medical weirdness is cause for alarm. Poor old lady.

Amber Avines said...

Pish posh is much too kind! There is no such thing as loving Mina (or anyone's companion animal) too much!

Do animals put a cap on their love for us? Never! That's what makes them such incredible friends and companions.

I hope Mina is back to her old self soon. Just monitor her closely and treat her like the treasure that she is ;->

Maureen said...

Get well soon Miss Mina. Sending good thoughts your way!!

Retrieverman said...

Miley got into some bones from some buffalo wings and she got a very upset stomach. She had to be put on doggy Alka-Seltzer for a few days.

She also can't eat anything with a lot carbohydrate content or she winds up getting bad diarrhea.

Two Pitties in the City said...

We hope she does feel better soon. It's so hard when they can't tell us what's wrong.

Lauren said...

Your Mina is my Kangol. In so many ways... Kangol has always had a gurgling, bubbly tummy (not everyday but it happens at least once a month since he was 1) and my vet believes its because of the air he sucks in when we are tugging or throwing the ball. I mean his stomach is so loud sometimes I can hear it on the next floor! I just give him a gas-x or mylanta gas chewable and it clears it right up. Vet recommended... 1 tablet for Kangol (80lbs). So run it by your vet and see what he/she says. Oh, and I feel you on the driving an hour to the vet! I moved from my vet's area in 2006 and I make several trips a year (45 miles one way in Atlanta traffic!) to see Kangol's doctor b/c he has been with us since K was 6 weeks and saw Kangol's dad too... so I feel you and love you care about your baby so much!

Kari in WeHo said...

Baily is my heart dog. She can't deal with me being gone during the week. That is why she is on puppy prozac. a long story for another post