Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Golden Retriever Article That Reads Like a Pit Bull Article

At first, I thought this was a mock article on how ridiculously hyperbolic the news media often is with Pit Bull attacks.

Turns out to be a report on an actual dog attack.

The title: "Rampaging Retriever Attacks 81-Yr-Old New Bedford Woman".

I even took a screen shot.

This article even had the classic "ugly dog moment", "That dog had an ugly face and he was mean,"

Here's a more restrained version, just as back-up.

Anyway, the Golden Retriever bit someone two years ago. He's 14, so he could just be a cranky old man-dog who likes to eat old women.

This incident occurred after the dog escaped from his co-owner. He tried to bite a funeral home director, when he turned his attention on an elderly woman. He bit her a couple times, then was distracted by two men who intervened. He tried to attack them. One of the men busted out a screw-driver and told police he was going to kill the dog if they didn't arrive soon.

Animal control arrived as did police. Now, let me tell you what would have been different if this dog had been a Pit Bull - he'd be shot. The dog was so aggressive that officers drew their weapons, preparing to shoot him. Animal control was finally able to lasso the dog and took him to the shelter.

We'll see if the dog is euthanized or released back to his owner. 

New Bedford, by the way, wants to ban Pit Bulls.


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Pibble said...

Well, no, had that dog been a Pit Bull, that dog would not have been shot, because it would have been euthanized two years ago after the first bite. Being a Golden, it got a second chance, probably without even a second thought from authorities.