Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Only in California

I remain flabbergasted that this woman will be Barbara Boxer's competition:

I mean, really? Really? Geez Californians, I know you're angry, but come on!

Also, Californians, why did you pass Prop 14? You hate third parties so much? Fail!


Retrieverman said...

What's scary is that Barbara Boxer could easily lose this election to a woman who ran a company into the ground and now expects us to believe she's an expert on managing the economy.

I was hoping they would nominate Orly Taitz to be secretary of state.

That would be next to awesome, just for comedic effect.

YesBiscuit! said...

I feel your pain. In SC, 59% of Dem voters elected Alvin Greene to run against Jim DeMint in the fall. Alvin Greene has no job, has never made a campaign speech, has no website, raised zero dollars, and put out zero signs. He can barely - just BARELY - form a sentence (not a coherent one mind you). All our hopes now rest with this guy.

Mary said...

So, they're saying that fiscal conservatives are sheep? That's surprisingly candid of them.

Houndward Bound said...

That was confusing really. What is with the flashes of pigs crowded together? The reference to the sheep finally makes sense at the end of the commercial (barely) but I'm at a loss for the purpose of the random pigs.
That is officially the worst campaign commercial I've ever seen. I can't believe that is even allowed to air. Honestly.