Saturday, June 26, 2010

Billy The Kid Gets Sick, Then Better

Billy the kid likes to nom on sticks

This is Billy the Kid. He is toddler-energy embodied - leaping, jumping, twisting, nomming his way through life.

A few days ago, he got really sick. He was rushed to the vet hospital. We weren't sure he would make it.

But he did.

For that, we are thankful. The vets think acute respiratory distress syndrome, which is their fancy way of saying we're not sure what's wrong, just be glad he's alive.


Pibble said...

He's too adorable to be sick! I'm glad he's better now, but I do wish they had a firmer diagnosis for him.

Maureen said...

What a stunningly beautiful photograph.

Let's hope the little guy stays better.

Rinalia said...

Thanks, Pibble & Maureen! We agree he's too adorable to get sick. :)