Friday, June 11, 2010

How The Irish Waste Money

A year ago, a Pit Bull Cross escaped from his flat and went on a rampage so violent, so deadly, so filled with blood and gore that a woman had to get new shoes.

The dog bit the shoe of a guard. That bears repeating: The following story results from a bite to the shoe.

The officer was so shaken by the incident that she was able to walk the dog by the collar back to his flat. Wow.

After a year of social isolation in a shelter, the dog has been reunited with his owner. A whole year.

Now, do I think the owner of the dog is a responsible guardian? Not really. Someone who gets drunk all the time may not be the best person to have a dog.

I'm just glad the dog wasn't killed. This is unusual. I would prefer the dog went to a rescue agency and was placed in a more appropriate home, but I'll just hold on to the fact that the dog isn't you know, dead.


Lauren said...

The link is broken to the story.

Lauren said...

Wow, I can't believe he was kept in a shelter for a whole year. I wasn't able to view the original story so I don't know the details but it sounds like they did waste a huge amount of money. So he was returned home and then the woman reported the incident and they isolated the dog for a year. Seems like the social isolation would do more harm than good-- Obviously an irresponsible owner and Ireland irresponsibly used money to shelter a dog for a WHOLE YEAR due to a hole in a shoe. I'm with you though,Rinalia--- so glad they didn't kill the dog! Very rare these days...